Help with WDS

  MarvintheAndroid 21:03 01 May 09


I need a bit of help setting up a home wireless distribution system (WDS). In other words using an access point as a wireless repeater to boost the signal strength from the router.

I have a Thompson D58CA3 wireless router downstairs, which acts as my incoming signal router for wired and wireless network. We'll call this the router.

I have a Belkin 54g Wireless Range Extender/Access Point upstairs. We'll call this the AP.

I have provided the router's MAC code to the AP, and the router can detect the AP and it's secondary MAC code in it's WDS setup screen.

Both the router and the AP are using the same channel and the same WAP preshared key.

I have unplugged the network cable from the AP so it should be acting purely as a wireless repeater.

However, something is not working.

My wireless laptop can detect both devices and gets different signal strengths from them, but does not seem to be getting any benefit from being close to the AP when "connected" to the router.

If I "connect" to the AP (unplugged), I get no internet or network access.

When the AP is plugged back in to the wired network then I can "connect" to it and get internet access etc, but really what I want is for the 2 devices to act as a single network so I don't have to manually re-connect from one to the other. In fact a WDS.

I am using RaUI wireless management software on the laptop (Novatech).

Any thoughts ??

  ashleycardwell94 01:06 19 May 09

"I have provided the router's MAC code to the AP"
do you mean MAC address.
"WAP preshared key"
Do you mean WPA preshared key or WEP Preshared key?

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