Help with Virus

  maz2 11:34 10 Oct 06

Norton has detected this on my system

Object Name C:\windows\system32\rqrsrop.dll
Virus Name Trojan Horse
Action Taken Unable to repair this file.

I've run Asquared (not detected)
Housecall (not detected)
Turned off system restore, scanned and turned system restore back on, it's not in quarantine, but it's still popping up on my screen every few minutes, has anyone any idea as to what it could be and how to get rid of it please

  Splodge 11:45 10 Oct 06

I suggest you put rqrsrop.dll in your search as "part of file name" and then delete it or, go directly to Windows\system32\rqrsrop.dll and delete it directly. If necessary one piece at a time if it is "protected" until it has all gone.

For safety's sake, taake a back-up first!

  terryf 11:55 10 Oct 06

You may have to go to safe mode and log on as Administrator to delete it

  maz2 15:06 10 Oct 06

Tried to find it and it's not there I don't know what's going on it's a mystery

  bluto1 21:49 10 Oct 06

I`ve just typed `rgrsrop.dll` into Google. Give it a try yourself.

  maz2 22:10 10 Oct 06

Tried that didn't find anything (did not find any documents)

  SANTOS7 22:17 10 Oct 06

Have you followed path in system32 folder to see if DLL file is there, if it is not it may be a false positive..

  maz2 23:49 10 Oct 06

I reckon that's what it is as I can't find it anywhere it's a nuisance though popping up all the time

  SANTOS7 18:37 11 Oct 06

there is an rqrsr.dll which is listed here (as close as i can get)
click here

which is related to winfixer click here this may help with removal

  maz2 23:33 11 Oct 06

Got rid of it by using a freeware prog from softpedia at boot up

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