Help with Virgin broadband

  nerawan 21:04 01 Aug 07

Hi. Yesterday I got the kit for Virgin broadband' I did the connections and then I called them for activation.

But the problem is INTERNET EXPLORER doesn,t open any web page and the strange thing is when I open COMMAND PROMPT and type IPCONFIG/ALL I don't get any answer. Usually when there is a problem it says CABLE DISCONNECTED, etc.

I called them back, but they said I was inline for nearly an hour and the problem was my p.c. Didn,t offer any more help.

The connections are o.k. and I re-started p.c. like 6 times. Any idea what happens?. Thanks

  nerawan 21:32 01 Aug 07

Because it was in the morning and I haven't got a good answer or sugestion so maybe here I wll have better luck.

  woodchip 21:36 01 Aug 07

What modem are you using also BT line or Cable

  nerawan 21:41 01 Aug 07

They send a modem that acept only a p.c. this modem is connected to the tv-cable

  woodchip 21:49 01 Aug 07

So you are on a cable network not a BT line!

You could try this, Go to Control Panel Networing Remove your old connection if it shows, the Use the Create New Connection Wizard to try to get you going

You will need all the Details that VM gave you like User and Password etc

  nerawan 21:53 01 Aug 07

They didn't give any details.They say only is necesary to do the connections and then call them for activation. No passwords or c.d. are necesary.

But what i wonder is why Command Promt is not given me any info. Is the first time that happens. do you know why?

  woodchip 21:55 01 Aug 07

You have to have some details for E-Mails etc. Also check the modem to see if there is a button you should press

  nerawan 22:02 01 Aug 07

Sorry but the most importnt thing for me, is to know why I don't get any info when I type IPCONFIG/ALL. I think the problem is there.

  woodchip 22:05 01 Aug 07

As above have you checked the Modem for a switch or button, I did see the other day the problem and it was that

  nerawan 22:08 01 Aug 07

Yes.I did it (I suppose that,s the reset button) but it didn't help.

  Technotiger 22:12 01 Aug 07

Sorry I don't have the answer for you - but I am going to show this to a friend who is dithering over whether to get Virgin BB or BT BB (on a BT phone line).

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