Help - VFAT Device Initialization Failed

  JennyH 17:22 03 Apr 04

I have just installed Quickbooks - Ok. Then was told I needed IE6.0 so to install from CD - OK.

Now The computer locks in to a dreaded blue screen with the above title and following message:
A device or resource required by VFAT is not present or is unavailable. VFAT cannot continue loading. System halted.

Help - what is VFAT and where can i go from here?

  VoG II 17:30 03 Apr 04

Which version of Windows do you have?

  bremner 17:33 03 Apr 04

IE6 does not work with W95 which I assume you have as VFAT was only available on W3.11 and 95

  VoG II 17:33 03 Apr 04

If Windows 95 or 98 click here

  bremner 17:34 03 Apr 04

doh - Wrong again

  JennyH 17:35 03 Apr 04

I'm using Windows 98 SE

  VoG II 17:36 03 Apr 04

click here then.

Good luck.

  JennyH 17:38 03 Apr 04

I've looked at the link given - no idea what it means!! How can i know whether the file mentioned is missing if i can't load windows??

  VoG II 17:40 03 Apr 04

You will need to start in Safe Mode. Follow the instructions in the "click here" but select "Safe Mode" from the Startup menu.

  bretsky 17:47 03 Apr 04

This may help you click here

bretsky ;0)

  JennyH 18:18 03 Apr 04

I know that you may think I am stupid but .....

OK - so I've clicked on the link, got into windows safe mode, found that the file Ifshlp.sys is missing, looked at how to extract the file from my windows cd, gone through the instructions until i have to put details in the restore from box. Now the CD drive is not showing and so I can't go any further. Is this becasue i'm in safe mode?

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