Help-vertiicle lines on screen

  kdt 10:25 25 Aug 08

brother in law's laptop has 3 verticle parallel lines on screen...first & second about half inch wide...second & third about 2 inches.Any solution how to get rid of this or the cause of problem?
Thanks for help.

  woodchip 10:31 25 Aug 08

Expensive Fault I would say, most likely the Graphics card, which means a new Motherboard as Graphics is part of it

  jack 10:59 25 Aug 08

As Woodchip says it could be a component fault in which case an expensive repair or total replacement is on the horizon.
However there is one thing to try - if you dare
The drop test.
This used to be simple way to try to get a computer to perform when motherboard had many socketed chips on board.

Simply close the machine down.
Remove the battery.
Hold it about 6 inches about a good carpet
and drop it.
The idea is if it is simply a connection working loose it may just be jerked back.
As the fault showing looks like an expensive operation,this could be a make or break remedy.

  DieSse 12:03 25 Aug 08

Bad connections (or even cracks) on the cable connecting the screen to the base are a common cause of problems like this.

It's difficult to dissemble to get to the cabe though - and electronic faults in the screen can also be to culprit.

And as woodchip says - it could even be the graphics card - though that's less common.

  DieSse 12:05 25 Aug 08

Try an external monitor - that will rule in or out the graphics card as a cause of the problem.

  Sea Urchin 12:41 25 Aug 08

As a matter of interest how was this problem resolved? It may always be helpful to others in the future if they have the same difficulty.

  kdt 17:06 25 Aug 08

ticked resolved although still trying to find solution as no favourable results yet. ill post solution when done but appreciate more suggestions. regards

  Sea Urchin 17:07 25 Aug 08

You are less likely to get many suggestions if you have ticked it as resolved.

  Technotiger 17:12 25 Aug 08

Best to start another thread as this one will now be passed-over by many members.

Then keep your thread going until resolved - hopefully.

jacks suggestion might be worth trying.

  DieSse 17:42 25 Aug 08

Did you try an external monitor? - what happened?

It's difficult to come up with other suggestions unless we know what happened - troubleshooting is an interactive process.

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