Help uploading WMP project to you tube

  collinsc 14:46 01 Dec 07

I have created a WMP project and want to upload to youtube but it says it does not like the format... which is the standard extension it gave the project: .MSWMM

any suggestions??


  MAJ 15:22 01 Dec 07

Go back into WMP and save it as a WMV file, YouTube accepts those. Backup the project file as well, in case you want to do more work on it later.

  collinsc 15:45 01 Dec 07

thank you. what is the difference in formats then?

  MAJ 15:46 01 Dec 07

One is a video format (wmv), the other isn't.

  collinsc 16:09 01 Dec 07

when i select "save as" there are no other options in the format box...!


is it because i did it as a "project"..?

  MAJ 16:16 01 Dec 07

As you've ticked the resolved button, I don't know whether you have it sorted or not, collinsc.

  collinsc 16:48 01 Dec 07

sorry, i read the advice and thought it was resolved, but then when i tried... i could not find how to save to the other format.

i still need help, thanks..

  collinsc 16:57 01 Dec 07

Another update..

I think i have found how to change the format.. i had to publish it rather than just saving..

however, i would still like to know the best format for youtube... there are lots of "video quality" options... what is standard? any youtubers out there?

  MAJ 16:58 01 Dec 07

Open your project (mswmm) in WMP and go to File > Save Movie file. Choose your desired output settings in there, i.e. size of video and format (wmv, rather than avi, would be better for file size).

  collinsc 17:08 01 Dec 07


But i dont get the option to save format until i publish, and there are about 8 options! i wondered if any youtubers knew the best save format through their experience.


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