Help understanding Task Manager (Vista)

  six-h 00:02 16 Mar 10

Just looking at the "performance" tab with IE8 running with Gmail and PCA open.
Across the bottom it tells me: - Processes: 78
CPU Usage: 1-2% Physical Memory: 45%

In the Physical Memory box (MB): -
Total: 2046
Cached: 1273
Free: 30

It's that last entry that confuses me.
What relationship has it got to the declaration across the bottom that says "Physical Memory: 45%"

  User-1229748 00:24 16 Mar 10
  Taff™ 00:28 16 Mar 10

Just caught this before I retired. You have 2Gb of RAM (Which is 2 x 1024Mb - possibly you`ve misread/typod the 2046)And that is "Physical Memory" i.e.RAM

Basically everything is sound. CPU usage below 10% when you have only 2 windows open. (Ignore processes for the moment.) Your "Cache" is related to the processor - again not under stress and I can`t remember what "Free" relates to.

Anything not working or responding as you want?

  Taff™ 00:29 16 Mar 10

Good link - I`m off to bed after that one!

  six-h 01:18 16 Mar 10

Thanks smackheadz, lots of links to other useful reading there!
Hi Taff™, no, there's no typos as you can see [IMG]click here[/IMG] that's what I don't understand, the maths just don't add up.
Could my RAM sticks have two MB of duff memory?

Task Manager sees available Mem-2046 (actual:2048)
Less Cached Mem-1250
Free Should equal- 796 (Not 38!)
Where has the other 758MB gone?

I don't think my graphics comes into it, since it has 512MB of it's own memory.
Could some be allocated to BIOS or to the Asus splashtop that launches on boot up?

  User-1229748 02:01 16 Mar 10

i don't think there is anything wrong as i have windows 7 and i have 6 gig of ram but it shows as 6143 and not 6144 as i think it should.also if you read physical memory in my link the figures don't add up for the article writers' will change around all the time as it says in the article vista juggles the memory around.nothing to worry about imo :o)

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