Help, trying to link a laptop to a sub

  lightmunkey 16:03 27 Jun 06

hello all, i'm trying to link my laptop to a sub thats usually connected to a dvd player. i'm unsure as to the cable i will need? anyhelp would be great, cheers

  silverous 16:38 27 Jun 06

..what make laptop? What connections for audio does it have ?

What make and model sub and what type of cable does that have?

Do you already have speakers connected to your laptop? I'd be surprised if you can just plug a sub in.

  lightmunkey 16:44 27 Jun 06

the sub is: Accoustic solutions model AS133. its a pretty bog standard sub, with two aux connections on the back which, at the mo, goes to the back of the dvd player, to atwo down mix audio terminals. is that enough info? not so good with tech!!!

  silverous 08:59 28 Jun 06

What laptop?
What connections do you have on the laptop for audio?
Do you already have any external speakers connected to laptop?

  wky 13:26 28 Jun 06

does the sub have the white and red plugs? if so you can get this wire which connects to your headphone socket of laptop and then links to the red white ports of sub and you can play it throught there.

  silverous 14:23 28 Jun 06

wouldn't that mean that ALL sound then went through sub...i.e. even treble etc. would go through sub?

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