Help with TINY laptop hardware

  Mr Alien 10:52 03 Aug 04

Hi, I have just bought the MK3000-64 from TINY, and I have formatted the harddrive and reinstalled stuff to my specification.

However, I cannot figure out which monitor I require for the 15" screen. The website doesn't tell me and I don't fancy paying £1 per min for the support.

Does anyone know how to find out?

PS, I have a driver disk, but the correct driver is not auto-detected so I will have to know which one to force on.

  Smegs 11:08 03 Aug 04

click here hope this helps. Goto the Tech Spec Tab. 15"XGA TFT Screen.

  Mr Alien 11:14 03 Aug 04


been there and it just says:

15" TFT XGA (1024 x 768) Screen

But I am needing to know the actually manufacturer to put the right driver on!

  Smegs 13:59 03 Aug 04

Can you not auto detect??

  Smegs 14:02 03 Aug 04

I don't know how Laptap screens work, can you not just chose plug & play?

  Mr Alien 14:15 03 Aug 04

auto detect returns no drivers.

also, I can use the default monitor, but then the resiolution settings are crazy.

I just need to know the manufacturer of the screen...

  Smegs 14:28 03 Aug 04

Are you sure it's the screen and not the Graphics Card?

  Big Elf 14:34 03 Aug 04

The specs say its got a 128MB ATi Radeon 9600 Mobility AGPx8 Dedicated Graphics (DX9)

  Mr Alien 14:34 03 Aug 04

Its the screen.

The graphics card has its ATI adeon 5600 driver installed.

I need to know the screen in order to configure the monitor driver.

  Big Elf 14:39 03 Aug 04

In my limited experience with laptops I've never had to install a screen driver, just the graphics one.

  Mr Alien 14:41 03 Aug 04


This is a HELP forum.

Not an unhelpful forum.

Trust me, I need a monitor driver. There's no question in that.

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