HELP TELEPHONE ringing in back of pc

  Jade 14 G 11:46 27 Dec 06

Am on dial up and have a telephone keep ringing in back of pc, it rings with a minute apart sometimes less.
Am worred as am getting high bills now, have to switch speakers of to stop hearing it. Telephone is with post office and it started when l joined them.

  wotbus@ 11:59 27 Dec 06

You may have a virus "dialler". Do a complete and indepth AV scan when off-line before you do anything else - just to be safe.

  wotbus@ 12:02 27 Dec 06

If the AV check reveals nothing, if may be the way your dialler modem is set up or it could be how your modem reacts to incoming calls (which of course are not possible with a dial up modem).

  wotbus@ 12:04 27 Dec 06

I am having to speak from memory now as dial up modems are a bit old hat now, no offence intended ;-) Somewhere in your internet settings, there may be something like "try to establish a connection every...second/minutes". Have a good look at your connections settings,

  Gongoozler 12:21 27 Dec 06

Download and install Antidialer click here

  Jade 14 G 13:50 27 Dec 06

Have used ewido all weekend and rang post office, had to beg to be put through to someone who knew what l was on about, line is clear and isp checked after hour and half waiting to answer and they say its people tyin to ring me and have to get someone out to sort the modem out.
Am so mad with post office and am a new customer that have looked up talk talk but its NO because l am in a cable area and thats was why l still have dial up as it was terrible , any ideas welcome, want cheapest broadband amd to be on as much as l want as l teach art online and a cheap phone company.
Another odd thing was when l put internet radio on it stops the ringing but l get a headache.(g)

  achilles123 15:13 27 Dec 06

why not unplug the modem line from the phone socket when you are off line?. There is a BT programme you can download for dial-up protection. It monitors the modem and warns you if any number not on its approved list is used.(you can customise the list yourself)Get it from:
click here

Note this is all on one line in the address bar

  achilles123 15:15 27 Dec 06

link failed to enter so here it is again
click here

  Jade 14 G 15:56 27 Dec 06

Thanks a lot forthis, never heard of it.
Have been trying to buy a new pc and moniter with 19 inch screen, just need a stronger thing that dell l have need lot more memory and a 19,, screen and in a sale or reasonble but reading specs l don't understand its a minefeld

  Jade 14 G 15:59 27 Dec 06

Can't get a site just bringing up error

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