Help with Tables

  vanilla_sky 19:27 31 Jan 07

Hello All ! I'm building my first website and I have two problems : I have made a 20 col table and have inserted a rollover image in each row and entered a border of 3 px. When I test it in IE it looks exactly the same as in Dreamweaver 8. But in Firefox the spaces between the images difer, sometimes the space is about 3 px, others about 10 px or more. Any idea of how can I fix this ? The second problem is that I have also made a big table (inside the bid table is the images table) and have chosen align=center. In IE it appears in the center, but in Firefox it appears in the left side of the screen. Does anyone know how to fix this ? Thank you so much ! Leah

  Eric10 11:42 04 Feb 07

In order to offer any realistic help we need to be able to see the code you have used. For this to happen you need to upload your site and post a link to it.

  RicScott 20:24 16 Feb 07

setting the col widths using pixels rather than %.

  STREETWORK 21:25 16 Feb 07

Make the pixel size the same as the image

  vanilla_sky 19:51 15 Mar 07

I have already uploaded the website : click here . When I check it with Internet Explorer it looks perfectly well, but with Firefox, Opera and Netscape, in the page that you will see called "tours", the spaces between some of the images are bigger. And in the page called "Comments", it leaves empty spaces that should not exist at the end of the tables that contain the images. Could anyone please offer any advise ? I did the tables using CSS. Thank you soooooooo much :-)

  Stiperstones 23:04 15 Mar 07

Just looked at this using IE7 and FF2.0.0.2. I can't see any problems with the pictures and spacing. They appear the same in both browsers They all look the same to me.

Nice site, clean and clear. Good pictures too.

In respect of your 'comments' page and the spacing at the end of the text in the tables - I've had the same problems which I cannot resolve. The space appears in FF and Opera and Netscape on my screen - but if I didn't know it wasn't supposed to be there, it looks like you've designed it that way.

Don't waste too much time on it... perfection is a journey, not a destination (who said that?)...


  vanilla_sky 13:03 17 Mar 07

You're right... it's almost impossible to make it look exactly the same way in all the browsers. And anyway, 90 odd percent of the people use IE !

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