Help on Sys crashing

  GazMaz 16:31 21 Jul 05

Ok I think I've adjusted something and it's now caused an issue. So two Q's does anyone know of any system tools\programs that can help in finding why my system keeps freezing?
Or does anyone have any ideas where I can look manually to find the issue.

It's not hardware issues (I believe)
OP sys W2K Pro SP4+
ASUS A7V600-X MoBo

I've mentioned the MoBo in case anyone knows of an ASUS tool that I could use?

  rawprawn 16:52 21 Jul 05

click here see if that helps.

  GazMaz 17:16 21 Jul 05

OK ran it it asked for my disk so it picked something up, I'll run for a while and see what happens as I was freezing every 10-20 mins
I just do'nt believe where you guys gather your knowledge!

  GazMaz 19:00 21 Jul 05

Ah still getting freezing..
So any other idea's?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:33 21 Jul 05

Have you tried vacuuming out the inside of the case paying special attention to the fans and the processor fan. I needn't mention about disconnecting the computer from the mains and that you should be very careful;-)). This has cured freezing problems on many computers that I have dealt with.


  GazMaz 19:43 21 Jul 05

No Gandalf all is pretty clean as I have recently (withing a month) been in there cleaning out.
I'm at the moment running CounterSpy, AVg and Spybot just to make sur eI don't have a little bug, but I'm pretty sure it's something I've adjusted, I do have a recent Regbackup but I know it's never quite that simple as going back. And i'd made other changes bios to you know what it's like all seems to be going well, then bang the blitter bites you.

  GazMaz 20:05 21 Jul 05

So all done the only thing found was an alexia related file.

  rawprawn 20:56 21 Jul 05

Have a look at properties on your hard drive, and see if it looks full, or fuller than it should and defrag sometimes a computer can create Logs that take gigabites of space. Also download and run Regseeker click here

  GazMaz 21:36 21 Jul 05

I'll check out the Regseeker but I know that the disk is ok been running Prime95, done a memtest, and I defrag regularly my disk is portioned and the half I use most (primery) is only half full I keep the disk clean as I use a cleaner.

It's reading all these posts that does all this!

  GazMaz 10:54 22 Jul 05

While I was replying indicating that after running Regseeker all was fine, this was after 3hours with no crash/freeze up, as I was about to post and then my PC Froze!

  rawprawn 11:35 22 Jul 05

The only other thing I can think to do is to unplug all your peripherals (Printer etc) then try and if you have no problems plug one in, try again, then plug another in and so on to see if there is a confict anywhere. Before you do that, check in the Device Manager to see if all looks OK.

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