help with sus evaluation dvd version please

  keith-236785 09:27 12 Dec 05


First off, i am a relative noob when it comes to linux but i am at the least persistant.

my problem is this, i have downloaded, burnt and installed suse 10.0 evaluation version, this has all gone ok upto the point where i do the online updates, all are installed ok but......

on rebooting, the pc hangs at the "waiting for sata drive to appear (something like sda/hd1) trys twice then exits to bash.

i have removed the partitions, started again and installed suse. once again it seems to have lost the sata drive after the updates (it works fine upto that point). i am impressed with suse and would purchase the full retail but for this and the inability to setup my printer/scanner.

any help would be great, at this moment i have cleared the partitions again and am going to install for the third time, however i will not do the updates this time.

one last thing, it says during the updates bit to execute lilo b4 rebooting, i tried this but nothing happened when i double clicked it. do i need to run a Konsole command to execute lilo or should a double click do it, if i need a command, does anyone know what it should be.

the installing printer bit is puzzling me because i cant seem to browse to the right folder/drive in the konsole to where the downloaded printer driver files has been downloaded to.

please help me sort out this probably simple problem (to some anyway).


  keith-236785 10:38 12 Dec 05


heading should read help with Suse, oops

  keith-236785 18:11 12 Dec 05

bump again for the evening crew

  Chegs ®™ 20:08 12 Dec 05

I would wander over to Computer Trouble click here where there are a few with similar interests in linux.Between us,we might be able to get you going.

  keith-236785 00:06 13 Dec 05

Thanks Chegs ®™, i will take a look tomorrow

  keith-236785 22:36 27 Dec 05

not really resolved as both problems remain, this time i havent updated the OS, and the printer is still not working.

im going to try yet another linux distro (mandrive 2006 DVD version) and see if i get any joy with that, least i shouldnt have the update problem with mandrake (mandriva), though i still expect to struggle with the printer.

bugs me cos i checked linux drivers were available before i bought the printer, you live and learn.

thanks for any ideas


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