Help to Stop Double Emails

  Bagsey 14:01 23 Oct 03

Since going to Bt Broadband I am persistantly gettin two copies of every email. This is not a major problem just annoying. Does anyone know the cause and how to stop it happening. Thanks

  Djohn 01:28 24 Oct 03


  john-232317 07:39 24 Oct 03

Are you on virgin ?, i had similar problem last week, but it sorted itself out.

PS its a waste of time contacting virgin ! i think they use a call center in outer mongoliar with no internet access...;-)

  Bagsey 08:58 24 Oct 03

No I am on Bt. Has anyone any clues as to why this happens. Is it my setup fault or is it an ISP glitch. As I say it is not a problem just annoying having to over use the delete key.

  murgle 11:38 24 Oct 03

Check how many email account you have set up in email software. I had this problem when I was trying to set up 2 email accounts using one dial up connection.

  Bagsey 14:41 25 Oct 03


  Bagsey 13:21 26 Oct 03

Thanks to you the problem is now cracked. You were right, I found that I had two connections set up. I dont know how this happened, but it doesn't matter now.

  murgle 18:49 02 Nov 03

No problem, glad I could help.

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