Help with a spreadsheet please.

I want to do a simple spreadsheet to keep track of a couple of bills. For example in column A is the company, column B is the balance, column C is amount paid, column D is date paid and column E is closing balance. How do I do this and what formula would I use. Thanks


  VoG II 18:32 22 May 04

I assume that you have headings in Row 1 so I'll assume the data starts at Row 2.

In E2 enter the formula


and press Enter.

Hover the cursor over the bottom right of cell E2 until the cursor turns into a +

Press and hold the left mouse button and drag down to copy the formula down the page as far as you wish.

In B3 enter the formula


then copy down the page as before.

Thanks Vog, now I am probably getting ideas above my station! On one of them I need to add 5.0% interest on to the closing balance. How hard is this? Thanks

  VoG II 19:02 22 May 04

By "on one of them" I assume that you mean a particular company, let's call this "PCADVISOR" for the sake of example. Then you would modify the formula in E2 above to

IF(A2="PCADVISOR", (B2-C2)*1.05, B2-C2)

With the *1.05 for 5.0% how do I work out other amounts i.e 2.20% etc. Thanks

  pcwhizz 19:14 22 May 04


To add 5% you would have to use this formula


put this into cell E2 then as VoG sed above get the little cross and drag down to it to all of your columns.

If you only want one bill to add 5% you will have to change the cell references from B2-C2 (IN BOTH BRAKCETS) to


And so on.

soz if ive confuse you


  VoG II 19:16 22 May 04

To add 2.20% use *1.022

If you find this confusing you could use a formula like

IF(A2="PCADVISOR", (B2-C2)*(1+2.2/100), B2-C2)

Thank you both for your help, I think I have sussed it. I am sure you will help me again if I encounter any problems.

  Cesar 10:06 23 May 04

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