Help with son's Spreadsheet homework (PLEASE)

  piggylen 19:36 19 Nov 10

Hi. Hope somebody can help on this as my brain cells are fried!!

My son (age 13!) is trying to do a spreadsheet. He is planning a concert, and needs to work out costs etc.

The info sheet says you need 1 bar per 500 tickets sold, with a £250 concession per bar. We have got as far as "number of tickets sold, divided by 500, multiplied by 250" to get the number of bar's required, but what if only 100 tickets were sold? you would still need one bar, but the formula I have put in won't give me a minimum value of £250. Help please. Thanks x

  OTT_B 19:57 19 Nov 10

=roundup(your formula,0)

I'm not sure the point of the £250 concession though. Does that come into the equation to calculate the number of bars?

  rdave13 20:03 19 Nov 10

Possibly print the question here so there can be no doubt as how to answer the original question. You've already assumed how to go about it so info might not be so clear, if you know what I mean.

  piggylen 20:04 19 Nov 10

Thanks for that. I think the point of the £250 concession comes into play when trying to work out the "break even" point. We are using >tools>goal seek to find the break even point, but it's not working yet. Still trying!!!

  piggylen 20:11 19 Nov 10

The question is (abbreviated) as follows:

You are planning a concert with fixed costs as follows:
Support Act £3,000
PA/Sound £21,000
Lights £25,000
etc etc

Basic Income:
Food stalls: £100 concession per stall. 1 stall/each 500 tickets sold
Bars: £250 concession per bar. 1 bar/each 500 people
etc etc

C5 is cell for number of tickets sold so for bar I have put =(C5/500)*250.
Is this right???????

  OTT_B 20:16 19 Nov 10

I'd deal with the stall / bar concessions separately.

Number of bars or stalls: =roundup(c5/500,0)

Use the concession when you work out the profit / loss for each bar or stall.

  OTT_B 20:17 19 Nov 10

(forgot to add - from the looks of it, you may be able to treat the concession per bar or stall as income)

  micemews 20:26 19 Nov 10

In using openoffice spredsheet the formula for the number of bars is :- =ROUNDUP((SUM(NUMBER OF TICKETS SOLD/500)))

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