Help! Some of my postings are missing.

  Nosmas 17:24 27 Feb 04

Clicking on 'View your postings' displays the message "Savour every posting you've ever made in our forums, they're all here for you to peruse at your leisure." above the displayed list of postings which I have initiated or contributed to.

The earliest of my postings on that list is dated 31/01/03, BUT I know that I have made posts well before that date. In fact I have a Word copy of one thread that I started on 25/07/02.

Can the FE (or anyone else) please tell me why ALL my posts are not available?

where deleted last year to free up space on the server's database to make it run quicker....

That is why all posts dated before last year are gone.

  Nosmas 17:37 27 Feb 04

Thanks for your quick response. So it would seem that the displayed message about 'EVERY' post should be amended to read '....every post SINCE dd/mm/yyyy....'?

Does the FE agree?

  spuds 23:12 27 Feb 04

As Pilch stated, think that a clearout was made recently.

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