help with slow computer

  diddi.ash 19:28 06 Apr 06

i already had broadband, but since getting wireless my computer has slowerd down dramatically as the router is in the other room i suppose this is why, but is there any way i can clean up my computer safely as i dont know much about doing this sort of thing..
Its starting to drive me mad as now i cant even send attachments in my incredimail as it takes ages to send and then it keeps trying to send again and again and whilst doing this i cant load any other websites

  sunny staines 19:35 06 Apr 06

could be the thickness of the room wall try temp putting the router in the same room and re test.

  diddi.ash 19:43 06 Apr 06

yes i think it is the thickness of the room as i did run it on cable before and it was quick but as i cant have the cable running through the rooms this is the only option at the moment.. so there is no way of making my computer quicker even by cleaning up files?

  rmcqua 19:44 06 Apr 06

What signal strength is your wireless card utility showing? Unless the signal strength is very low, then this should not be slowing it down significantly. If the signal is very low, is there any way you can raise the height of the router or maybe clear it away from any walls or obstacles? This may improve the signal strength in the room where you have your PC. You can also buy a directional aerial for the router, which you would point directly at your PC (through the wall) and this should improve signal strength significantly. Another thing that sometimes helps - if your PC has a PCI wireless card with a built in aerial that is tucked away behind your tower unit, try an extension aerial plugged into the wireless card - one of these little aerials that sits on top of your tower unit or desk. Again, this can make a significant improvement.

  diddi.ash 19:50 06 Apr 06

signal strenth is excellent- speed 54mbps and i have dongle thingy that is above my tft screen, the router in the other room is as high as it can go on the wall

  skidzy 19:52 06 Apr 06

Maybe trying this will help with a clean up
click here

Among others you could try click here

and this click here

  diddi.ash 20:06 06 Apr 06

which is the best and safe one?

  skidzy 20:09 06 Apr 06

Personally ive never had a problem with any of them.
I would try ccleaner first and see how much difference it makes

  diddi.ash 20:13 06 Apr 06

cant see where i click to download the ccleaner, what is the pc booster like?

  skidzy 20:18 06 Apr 06

On the ccleaner site,left hand side near the bottom...or from here click here

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