Help with setting up an FTP server

  tran1 12:05 10 Jan 03
  tran1 12:05 10 Jan 03


I am trying to set up an FTP server but i'm having trouble understanding it. It asks for a host name to be enetered and it must be in the form of .

Do i need to get a domain name or can i just put in any made up name?

I'm using WS_FTP server 2.0 evaluation version.

Hope you can help!


  tbh72 14:10 10 Jan 03
  tbh72 14:11 10 Jan 03

How do you tap in info without it displaying a click here!!!!! Grrrrrr

  Pilch.... 14:13 10 Jan 03

not sure how you mean FTP server...

is it one that you own personally? if it is say so, then i can take you through as i just set up my own personal FTP out of an old computer of mine and it works great.

If it is for that, then i use Bullet Proof FTP software.

  tran1 14:16 10 Jan 03


I don't want to access a sever. I'm trying to create a server of my own so that others can access my computer and its files.

I tried your 'click here' link and it tryied to open your ftp. LOL!

  tran1 14:17 10 Jan 03

Yes pilch! can you help me?

  Pilch.... 14:20 10 Jan 03

just do f tp://click here

  tbh72 14:23 10 Jan 03

Still learning to use this board myself.... Those arent actually my details & I hope they don't belong to some poor soul.

I have turned my machine into a webserver using KFWS

click here

I would imagine it's much the same as FTP.

But I only use it for testing & also to share files with family etc. All of the files you need are relatively small and instructions are good.

Give it ago, but remember being a server open's your machine to who ever finds it. So be cautious when active

  Pilch.... 14:26 10 Jan 03

get the software that i mentioned called bulletproof v2.5 ill put it onto my server for you. available at click here and then install it.

Then you need to set your server up to go online and also if you want private user area's you need to to to setup user accounts.

on the far right pane, right click create new user enter in name then at the bottom add in a password in the area called set up. Then above set up you need to create somewhere for people to access so right click and then specifiy where you want that user to have access and what permissions, read, write delete etc and then click ok then ok and there you have it, the server should work.

if you get any problems, right click on the little envelope on the right near my name, and i will give you details to use something like msn and talk to me that way, thus have it set up easier.

  Pilch.... 14:29 10 Jan 03

how are you connected to the internet with your server? you may need to play about with settings, i have mine through a router, but if you use ICS then i may not be able to advise you on that, just setting up the server.

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