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Help setting up adsl router / windows ME

  RoosterUK 20:33 01 Apr 04

Hi all
I'm taking the leap from 56K to adsl.
I have the hardware, Zyxel 650 4port router/modem,and my service goes active soon.
The router/modem arrived pre configured and has the username/password already.I have an ethernet card installed and can reach the routers configuration page by typing its ip address (supplied by the manual) into my web browser, so I think all the cables/nic are working ok.
The router has a steady 'DSL' light so I believe its connecting to the exchange ok.
I'm waiting for my ISP to enable thier bit.

Trouble is I've got no experience of networks / adsl.
So can anyone help with the following.

I currently connect to the internet with a dial up service set up to only connect when I click the desktop icon.
What do I need to change in Windows ME to use the router instead?
Presumably there are some settings needed to set up the network and change the internet connection to the router.Perhaps a wizard or two, but which ones and what to enter in them ?

I believe the router/modem is set up ok its just the windows bit I'm not sure about.

I should add that initially I'm only connecting one PC, if thats working ok then an Xbox goes on another port , and later perhaps a second PC. So for now its just one PC !

Any help appreciated


  dfghjkl 20:44 01 Apr 04

i have the cable version (334)it wont work untill you have a working ethernet socket with your broadband working.then simply unplug cable from ethernet socket on pc,then plug other lead from router to ethernet socket on pc.it will configure its self if your settings for dns and ip address on pc are set to auto.i had the same problem but when i followed the instructions to the letter it was fine.you dont even need to put in their ip address to get on line,it happens the second you plug it in.so be patient and wait for your bb connection,then you will be up and running within minutes.i dont know how to configure an x box but when i plugged in 98 se pc,it worked straight away.my main pc is xp pro.good luck,peter

  RoosterUK 14:14 07 Apr 04

Thanks for that

You were right. As soon as the service went live all worked okay.


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