Help with selecting a laptop and the bits.

  mothercat 18:39 19 Apr 07

Any advise as to which laptop to get?
I have never had a laptop, been using a desktop for some years now, but I need some advise re: what to look out for, best buy etc.

At the moment I supplement (no survive despite) my worthless pension by making my income from the financial markets via the Internet. However now that summer is almost here I fancy getting a ‘mobile home’ and access the web from the beach! Hence the need for the laptop! But I honestly have no idea how one ‘ connects’ to the web from a remote and likewise no idea of cost associate with getting on line from the laptop? Guess it must work something like a mobile phone? But I only ever ‘take incoming calls on my mobile’ so I don’t really know how that works either!

Stupid questions! But only when you know the answers?
Kind regards

  tullie 18:42 19 Apr 07

Not a good idea usng a laptop on beach,thats if you could find a free Hotspot within range

  skidzy 18:52 19 Apr 07

Firstly your questions are not stupid,if you dont know....just ask,we all do.

Depending on your requirements,it would be difficult to advise you of a certain laptop,though have a look through Dell click here

Give us your budget and what you expect the laptop to do for you,and we can help more.

As above to connect to the internet,you will need to be in an area that provides wireless connection.

  Pineman100 19:10 19 Apr 07

To connect to the internet wirelessly from a laptop, you have to be either within range of a wireless router that has a built-in modem, and is plugged into a phone socket. Or there are public areas where wi-fi enabled computers can connect - these are called "hotspots".

I have to say that your chances of finding a hot spot on a beach are not great. They mostly tend to be in towns and cities, plus in places like hotels, coffee shops and so on.

To see just one of the many wifi location search sites click here

  mothercat 23:14 19 Apr 07

From what you say, the laptop selection is fairly easy, I only need web access for live financial charts, not downloads or games etc. Seems the lack of mobile web access hotspots' is or could be the problem, not many listed at beach locations! Guess that one was a flight of fancy, but as I only need to 'work' for abut an hour a day, I'll settle with the nearest library or internet cafe.
Again, many thanks for your response.
Kind regards

  jimmybond 00:33 20 Apr 07

The lack of a wireless hotspot isn't your problem on a beach - it's the fact that your cooling fans will be cleaning the inside of your laptop with sand, and seaweed ;-)

Still - I remember from the 'gadget show' - the only product to survive their standard 'blasting with 2 sticks of dynamite test', was a panasonic toughbook laptop. Maybe it's sand proof as well ;-)

  mothercat 13:06 20 Apr 07

Thanks jimmybond, guess I'll have to work away from the beach. O'well, could be worse.

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