Help! Router OK, modem OK, but no Internet Connect

  wallyk 08:18 15 Jun 08


I am hoping someone here can help me with a really frustrating problem. My setup is the following: desktop PC connected to wireless router via LAN cable, router connected to ADSL modem, and laptop connecting wirelessly to router.

Up until two weeks ago, everything was working fine. But since then, the router just stubbornly refuses to get an Internet connection via the modem. If I connect the modem directly to the PC I connect with no problem. Yesterday I took the router to the shop where I bought it, and they replaced it, but the problem continues, so it is not a hardware problem.

Any suggestions greatly approeciated!

Thanks in advance.

  brundle 16:42 15 Jun 08

Make and model numbers of router & modem. Isolate the components for troubleshooting - does your PC still get an IP address from the router, regardless of whether you can access the internet?

  tullie 18:52 15 Jun 08

Dident realise that some people have to have a modem and a router?

  brundle 19:20 15 Jun 08

It's the usual setup for DSL

  wallyk 07:33 16 Jun 08

Hi Brundle,

Yes, the PC gets an IP address from the router.

The router is a Sweex LW050, and the modem is an Aztech ADSL modem (wthout router).

  brundle 09:28 16 Jun 08

"It's the usual setup for DSL" - I should have read more carefully..that is unusual for ADSL.

Is/was your connection directly to the modem via ethernet cable or USB? Is there a configuration page for you to adjust settings on the router?

  wallyk 14:17 17 Jun 08


There is a web-based configuration for the router.

I have actually solved my problem, though via a different route.... I got into the web configuration for my ADSL modem, and configured it with my ISP account info and "Connect on demand" option.

Then I configured the router to use "Dynamic IP".

Now everything works OK!

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