Help retreiving files

I had a bug so I had to format my computer. Unfortunately I lost some important files. I have a ghost image from a couple of months ago with these on, can I get them from this? Thanks.

  bremner 15:35 01 Aug 04

Norton Ghost 2003 allows you to view the ghost image as a file structure (at least if it is ntfs) and from that you can copy any of the files.

How do I do this? Can you talk me through it please in simple terms! Thanks.

  bremner 15:44 01 Aug 04

Start Ghost and choose Restore.

At the next dialogue box click Next.

You will then have the Restore Wizard Window. In the Image File Name box click browse and direct it to where yor Image is. then click OK.

At the next Window there will be a button called 'Open Image in Ghost Explorer' click it.

Give it time and you will have infront of you an explorer window with your drive tree.

From there you can copy any of the files.

I've done as you said but there seems to be a choice of 3 images - CDR0001, CDR0002 and CDR0003. I can open CDR0001 but not the other 2. The files i am looking for don't seem to be on CDR0001 (also they seem to be blank?!) and red-only. More help please!

  bremner 16:38 01 Aug 04

Do the Image files have a .gho extension - if not what?

This is hopeless all the folders seem to empty!

It now says 'Corruption in image file, or media not present. Not all files are shown.'


  bremner 18:44 01 Aug 04

You appear to have answered your own question - your Ghost Image files are either corrupt or non existent.

Sorry I can't see there is anything else I can suggest other than actaully try and restore to another hard drive and see what happens.

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