Help required in setting up a raw SATA HDD

  PC Bilbo 13:21 07 Feb 06

Hi folks,

I currently have a failing 80GB IDE drive with my XP O.S. + programmes on C drive. I have already backed up data onto ext. drive.

As my mobo supports SATA/RAID I have just purchased a 250GB SATA & want to clone current IDE drive over to it using Acronis True Image 8.

My question is is there anyway I can set up the SATA drive without using the O.S. disk to put the Sata drivers on during F6 stage which is only method I know.

  JWJH 15:16 07 Feb 06

click here for info.

  Chegs ®™ 15:20 07 Feb 06

Unfortunately not,I have been trying unsuccessfully to put an image of XP on IDE,to my SATA's without needing to run the repair option for loading the SATA driver.I could easily add the driver during the XP repair by pressing F6,but I am always having to phone MS to re-activate my XP and I've gotten sick of this needless procedure everytime I tweak my CPU or install a new drive despite MS assurances that I can add/remove several items without needing to re-activate.

  PC Bilbo 15:54 07 Feb 06

Thanks JWJH & Chegs, as my mobo only supports SATA & RAID from a Promise controller chip it looks as though I will lose the Windows updates from reading link from JWJH.

As I have reasonable B.B. it's more of a nuisance than a disaster. I'll make sure next SATA mobo has a different chip so I can add before I clone.

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