Help Required I'm no longer able to login into Android Marketplace

  julius44 20:15 PM 16 Dec 11

Hello and gooe evening to you all. I'm having a strange problem which ive Never had before as i'm no longer able to log into the Android Marketplace on my Samasung galaxy s2 fone.

The problem started about 24 hours ago. When i click on the market place button I get the following Message: Authentication required. Please log into your Google account.

I then log into my gmail account, but i hanv NO IDEA what i'm looking for, as all I can see are my nornal emails, so I'm a bit baffled as to WHAT to do next.

Any suggestions please??

  Woolwell 20:35 PM 16 Dec 11

Open Market as far as it will go and then bottom left button - pop up menu accounts and make sure that the correct google account's button is highlighted.

  julius44 20:48 PM 16 Dec 11

Hi Woolwell, ive gone to accounts, and my correct gmail account is showing, as ive only got one gmail account registered to my phone. Any more suggestions please??

  Woolwell 20:53 PM 16 Dec 11

Have a look through This

  julius44 21:04 PM 16 Dec 11

Hi woolwell, finally sorted now, i logged into my gmail account, it told me to input my password, all is now ok, much appreciated for your time


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