help with removable storage device

  Jade 14 G 14:06 19 Jun 06

I am not a beginner but by the time you read this you will think l am. I want to back up a lot of word docs so bought a small removable storage device but when i put it in the usb the name comes up in the bottom tool bar but nothing else, can anyone tell me how they work, have had it ages but l can't get it to back up stuff.
Will pick any answers later as have to work so don't think i am not bothering to pick them up.

  Diemmess 15:09 19 Jun 06

Normally the device is 'seen' straight away as you expected.

If you are using W98 or 98SE you will need drivers, but not with 2000 or XP

Please name the "device" and your OS?
Does it not show in My Computer?

  Devil Fish 15:27 19 Jun 06

when you plug it in if you are using Win 2000 or xp it should show up as an extra drive in my computer

  Pamy 16:11 19 Jun 06

Go to "My Computer" and see if a removable device is there. if it is just drag and drop files onto it. double click on it to open and view your files. (am assuming you have no other removable devices installed)

  wee eddie 16:23 19 Jun 06

Be sure to wait until all activity has ceased and use the "Remove USB Device" before removing the drive or you will end up with corrupted files and the drive may become unreadable

  skidzy 22:22 19 Jun 06

Jade ..This way is very similar to the others.

> Firstly click start

> My Computer

> Plug the usb flash/pen etc drive into the usb,you
will now reconise the drive letter.

> Now right click the folder that contains your docs that need to be transfered and send to:the drive letter containing the usb device.

You have now transfered your docs,follow this procedure on any files that needs to be transfered.

Hope this helps.

  Jade 14 G 13:20 21 Jun 06

Did what you said but as soon as l put the removable storage in it comes up as e drive and a blank page . Am just trying to save my classes before l strip this down.

  DieSse 17:40 21 Jun 06

You now have your drive as drive E. You can copy files to it using Explorer and drag and drop, just as if it were a floppy disk - or "send to" - whichever you usually use.

Blank page? - perhaps that's an Explorer view showing you there's nothing on the E drive (which there won't be of course). Just close it, and do your copying like you normally would.

  skidzy 20:58 22 Jun 06

As DieSse says Jade,you now know the drive letter...anything else that pops up on your screen,close it down.

Now find the document/file you wish to save to the usb pen/flash drive.

Right click on the selected file/folder you wish to save....

You will be given the option to send to:

You need to send to Drive E

You have now saved the selected file/folder to the flash/pen drive.

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