Help Recovery Genius Disaster

  rawprawn 16:57 23 Feb 04

I installed recovery genius from PCA DVD & it slowed my computer down & I tried to uninstall it. I tried it's own uninstall but it asked me for a password which I do not have & the only way I could get it was to register & pay. So I tried system restore but no good I tried in safe mode no good, I tried to get it out of the registry with regedit & partially removed it. It is still starting when I start the computer does anybody know how to get rid of it. It is driving me nuts.

  rawprawn 18:54 23 Feb 04

Bump, I don't want to format my HD, & I am not even sure that would work as part of the HD is protected. I have been to their site to ask for help, but it is in Japanese & I can't understand it. Anybody with any ideas. Windows will not start normally, I have to accept that Recovery Genius makes a data recovery note before I can start to load, then windows tells me it can't start normally and asks how I want to start.

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