Help! Printer Shows Black Text as White!

  MrSheen 19:39 19 Apr 08

Evening All

I've just come to try and print out all of my documentation for my holiday and my printer's decided that wherever there is black text, it will just pretend it's white text i.e it only shows up when there's a colour behind it, which on hotel reservations, isn't often.

No idea why it's all of a sudden started to do this. I've tried updating drivers and using both cartridges to print, but still nothing.

Does anyone have any ideas??


  woodchip 19:42 19 Apr 08

No such thing as white text

  MrSheen 19:45 19 Apr 08

i know there's technically no such thing, but you know what i mean. where there's black text on the document and there's a colour/shade behind it, the text is visible, but for most of the documents this means the text isn't printed out.

  woodchip 19:48 19 Apr 08

In other word the black ink is not printing, does it need a new cart?

  Technotiger 19:48 19 Apr 08
  MrSheen 19:52 19 Apr 08

both carts are new. and I've got black out of it since then. when the print box appears, it shows the levels of the colour and black carts and they're both almost full.

  woodchip 20:03 19 Apr 08

Then jets must be blocked

  MrSheen 20:05 19 Apr 08

the printer has a function which allows you to clean the cartridges. i've done that but still doesn't seem to be working. just on an online chat call with Hewlett Packard customer service.

  woodchip 20:13 19 Apr 08

could be a duff cart, I remember a mate of mine got a new HP cart that did not work. printed circuit fault on the cart

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