help pls .....

  woofwoofbark 23:13 06 Dec 05

Hi there , I have been given three computers ( well 3 bit-part computers anyway , all have cases and mother boards , 1 has a dvd rom drive another has a cdrom drive and the 3rd has no drive lol but i have one 40 gig hard drive plus cables ) and im trying to assemble all parts to make one working computer , but how can I find out the make of each mother board , cpu ect ? is there any markings on them that I can look for and then access the net for thier specs ?

i am not a comp expert , not by any means so any advice or a helping hand would be very very appreciated !

so to begin with I want to know what spec the mother boards are , they all have cpu's in them , i know that one is an intel celeron and the other 2 are amd athlon ...

hope to hear from anyone , many thanks


  Dan the Doctus 23:37 06 Dec 05

Belarc Advisor click here

  ami 23:42 06 Dec 05

You could always assemble a computer using one of the boards, complete with it's CPU, and then install and run SiSoft Sandra which will give you information on all the installed components.
If the board/CPU is not to your liking you could then swap the board for another one and repeat the process.

  Dan the Doctus 00:00 07 Dec 05

Sorry, didn't read your post properly (tired) :( Do any of them work? If so, Belarc will be useful otherwise click here may help.

  Skills 00:03 07 Dec 05

If none of the PCs are in a working state then you'll have to have a look at the parts themselves the motherboard should have a model number on it somewhere. You can then google for specs and a manual. The CPU will also have the speed rating of it on there but you'll have to take the heatsink off and clean off any thermal paste probably. In which case when you come to put them back together make sure you buy a tube of thermal paste and re-apply.

  DieSse 01:02 07 Dec 05

Is there any special reason you need to know the details before you get one up and working?

If they're already psrt assembled (motherboards are in cases with processors and RAM) - then there may be nothing you need to know at this stage.

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