help please waaaaaaaaaaaah

  woofwoofbark 18:12 27 Oct 05

WinXP HE AMD , Athlon 1400 , 512 memory

Hi there , Im a complete novice when it comes to computers , I had everything set up and running great then I decided to add a second HD to double my capacity , I had a HD 40g that was split into 2 , = C:20g D:20g , but yours truley wanted to add a second 40g HD , i opened the side panel and saw a grey cable with a connector in the middle and plugged it into the second HD and the spare 4 point connector also (all this with the power off i might add )

  woofwoofbark 18:13 27 Oct 05

when i restarted the comp didnt read my master or DVD rom drive or my CD Rom drive so I clicked on delete and entered BIOS ????? (hope thats what its called) chose AUTO for each piece of hardware and restarted again but again the comp didnt read the HD's Rom drive's ... so i took out the second HD and restarted but when windows opened the 2 green arrows for bt yahoo broadband were flashing yellow and i couldnt connect to the internet (btw im using the bt broadband modem and am on bt yahoo broadband 2mb) so ive heard that if something aint working try uninstalling then reinstalling , so i did , everything went fine till I tried to install the modem drivers again , the found new hardware wizard found the drivers and tried to load them in but they wouldnt show on device manager , i

  woofwoofbark 18:13 27 Oct 05

was asked to restart and reinstall the drivers again , which i did but this kept looping , i keep get asking to restart and reinstall them ... and the arrows are still yellow ... ive since taken out the HD and added the second i have a master , loaded everyhting in , modem drivers and bt yahoo broadband account , everything is fine , but what can i do about my HD , it has everything on it from my music/pics and programs , how can I get it to work and add this drive as a slave ??

i hope i have explained this so that someone can understand and any advice would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED

many thanks


  woofwoofbark 18:14 27 Oct 05

how come i had to post in bits n bobs ??

hope its easy to understand



  woofwoofbark 18:32 27 Oct 05


  Splork 18:34 27 Oct 05

Just to clarify, is your original hard drive in place, as the master?

  woofwoofbark 18:36 27 Oct 05

i have dicsonnected it and am using my second as master , I have installed it to connect to the net .....

is there anything that can be done ?



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:39 27 Oct 05

1 . set jumper on original drive to master

2. connect original drive to IDE cable and power cable

3. with bios set to auto detect drives save and exit BIOS (F10)

4. Boot computer is it now bacck to before you started?

5. if now ok then set jumpers on new drive to slave

6. connect to other socket on the IDE cable and fit another power cable.

7. boot the PC and watch the first screen does it show both drives?

8. If it boots to windows check if the old version with all your stuff or the new version you put on the new drive.

  Splork 18:42 27 Oct 05

Why have you removed the first drive? Put it back, and start in safe mode, delete any yellow asterisk'd entries in Control Panel/System/Device Manager, remove the modem drivers from Control Panel/Add Remove Programs, reboot, let it re-install the drivers again. If you have a USB modem, make sure it's disconnected before installing the drivers.

  woofwoofbark 07:47 02 Nov 05

I followed your advice and have added the second HD ... let me try to explain .... I had a 40 g hd that was split to read as 2 hd's and i have since added another 40 gig hd , i now have added all my files to the 40 g hd , master , and have the other hd(the slipt to read as 2 hd's) as slaves ..slave 1 and slave 2 .... but I have screwed up somewhere along the way , I would love to have my master set as C: and the split to read as D: & E: ... I have tried to change the letter on computer management / disk management (i think thats what its called ) but I get a message saying ... windows cannot modify the drive letter of your system volume or boot volume , so am I stuck with my master as D: and the split hd as Slave 1 C: and slave 2 E:



  snorkel 18:49 15 Mar 06

May be a bit late but 'partition magic'will change drive letter.

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