help please never done this before

  BiziBruja 19:53 28 Apr 07

I used the new microsoft live office to creat click here and not being very web clever I think it looks boring even though is says what I wanted to say, any chance some of you clever people would look at it and give me some tips?

Also how can I advertise it and even better one day make money by allowing people to advertise with me?

  Forum Editor 23:50 28 Apr 07

Firstly, I'm somewhat concerned about the fact that you're offering what seems to be a service without any mention of a scale of charges - are you doing this for nothing?

If you are, then you should say so. If you're going to charge for your service you need to make some changes. Firstly you'll need to state upfront what qualifications you have, if any, and make it clear that you're not offering legal advice. There are pitfalls involved with doing that unless you're a qualified lawyer.

If you're charging you must, by law, include a postal addres and telephone number where you can be contacted during normal working hours. It's also necessary to tell people that you are UK-based, and that you can only offer advice/help to people who live here. It's easy to forget that your site will be visible all over the world, and you don't want to be involved with people in other countries.

Helping people with consumer complaints is a complex and often frustrating experience, and you'll need to be aware that people will come to you with high expectations - it's all very well being tenacious when resolving problems for yourself and friends, but it's an entirely different thing when you're doing it for many people at the same time, especially when you can see straight away that some of the complaints aren't justified - people don't like to be told that, as I know only too well, after six years of doing it.

On a practical level, your site needs images, and the layout requires revision. People buy with their eyes, and unless you capture their attention within ten seconds of their arrival on your homepage you'll lose them. Your text contains numerous errors, but that can easily be solved with some careful editing - 'freinds' should be 'friends' for example.

  BiziBruja 12:30 29 Apr 07

I am going to take all you said on board. I have the legal side covered and the data protection covered, I am going to edit the text tomorrow. This is only a dip in the ocean to see if I get a response.

I am going to charge but very reasonably.

I am customer service qualified and done it all my life really. I

I'll ammend things. Images I wasnt sure about as I didnt really know what images to use but I have a contact with some graphics knowledge who is going to look ta it too.

Onve again thank you xxx

  Forum Editor 12:51 29 Apr 07

people talking on the phone, some looking angry, some looking happy, that kind of thing.

People like to see images on web sites, and they particularly like images of other, attractive, people. It's a fact, and you might as well make use of it.

Your customer-service experience is something that has value, and there are people who might pay for it - that remains to be seen. Provided you're up to speed with current UK consumer law you should be equipped to deal with the kind of thing that crops up all the time. Just be careful, you don't want to find yourself on the wrong end of an action for damages that resulted from some advice you gave. Stick to dealing with the facts.

  BiziBruja 19:36 30 Apr 07

I am making a few changes as I type this will you look later please?

I dont want to put my address etc tho

  Forum Editor 00:28 01 May 07

there are still spelling and grammatical errors in the text, and you seem to have two font sizes and colours on the pages, with a different font on your contact form. Aim to use the same font and point-size on all body text, and don't mix the colours - keep body text uniform throughout the site.

You have no option about your postal address and phone number, as fourm member has already pointed out. It's the law if you're selling a service on the internet.

  BiziBruja 00:39 01 May 07

thanks for that link. Its a learning curve alright.

I have proof read it again and happy the images make a difference, going to have a graphics guy look as well. I left it unfinshed earlier as we have a relation at the end stage of cancer and I left my web page open at the design stage so I thought no one would be able to access it, yet another thing to learn eh! I am going to work on it again tomorrow as I tried to add a new page but it was put as a sub page on the about us page! I will add an address etc in the morning when I read it again and again to spot more mistakes. Its the age of spell check making us all so lazy. By the way are you in the US or the UK and once again a HUGE thanks for all the help and advice.

  BiziBruja 01:14 01 May 07

Well with some more tweaking it might get there.

any chance you could peak again, all advice gratefully recieved. I am tired and seeing double now so any more spelling erros will have to be checked again tomorrow.


  Kate B 22:23 02 May 07

I'm still not clear on what the purpose of the site is. On your writing style, you've got all sorts of words capitalised that don't need to be and your punctuation leaves a lot to be desired; and some of your sentences are incomplete. It's really, really important that your writing style is as polished as possible. Yours isn't at all polished.

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