Help please. Lost Real Player from XP after download

  bessacarr 02 Oct 12

It's gone completely from my PC and I cannot get it back. It downloads OK then when it comes to write files to my PC it gets about half way in and then it all disappears. I am left without anything.

I have tried different versions from different site and cannot get Real Player back.

I have a laptop with it on and went into C.programes and copied it onto my PC, but then it said it neede PNCRT.dll to work. Also it did not show up anywhere as beingon my PC.

What can I do to get it back & working please, I am lost without my real player as I love youtube downloads.

  Terry Brown 02 Oct 12

The problem is the copy from c.Programs does not contain the installation files, which you need to put on a different PC.

Completely remove Real player from the PC using a program - see link enter link description hereto remove it completely, it should then load OK


  iscanut2 02 Oct 12

I think what Terry meant to say as well was after completely removing all traces, download it and reinstall.

  bessacarr 02 Oct 12


There is no trace of it anywhere already. When I try and get it from wherever I have tried on web, it downloads OK but then it only gets half way installing and stops and completely disappears.

  rdave13 02 Oct 12

Do you have Ccleaner? Then I'd run the registry cleaner in it, reboot and try installing RP again. Click Here.

  bessacarr 05 Oct 12

Did try everything you all suggested but nothing worked.

Yesterday I was in Yahoo page and it gave me a message saying that my internet explorer was outdated (although I thought I had IE8 - which is for XP). However, I renewed this and then I thought I'd just try one last time to get Real Player back on - and wheyhey it has worked and it is all up & running.

Thanksfor everyone's advice, and I hope if anyone has same trouble and reads this it helps them to sort it.

  bessacarr 05 Oct 12

NOW SORTED cannot find the box to tick to state this like there used to be.

  rdave13 05 Oct 12

Thanks for the feed back and glad you're sorted. Never knew RP depended on Internet Explorer.

  lotvic 05 Oct 12

Click on one of the big grey ticks at the right of one of the posts and it will turn green. Next time page is refreshed Thread will be marked 'resolved'


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