help please excel pie charts

  frior-one 12:25 17 Feb 04

i have a small table of 5 rows and 6 columns.
each line is sales data for a saleman over 6 months.
how do i program the pie chart to make it possible for me to change the salesman i want pictured without going into the chart and changing the source data. i have been trying the =indirect and =address lookups with out success. any pointers please....

  pc moron 14:45 17 Feb 04

I'm assuming your data is arranged as follows:

Column A has a header called "Name" and the name of each salesman in it.

Columns B to G have a month header e.g. Jan, Feb etc.

The rest of the data is a sale amount for each salesman.

Select the data and from the menu bar select Data then Pivot Table and Pivot Chart Report.

Follow the wizard through making sure you select Pivot Chart Report (with Pivot Table Report) in the first step.

From the chart type select Pie Chart.

Drag the "Name" item to Drop Page Fields Here and drag each month to Drop Data Items Here.

If you select a name from the drop down list, the chart will update automatically.

  frior-one 14:51 17 Feb 04

thanks for that, i have not done much with pivot tables so forgive me if i take a while to report back success.

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