Jade 14 G 11:31 07 Feb 07

Have used avg for 5 years, it scans ever day but as both of them spyware and avg virus were grey after they updated l click the screen on and there is a red exclamion sign against it.
Then it says, internal virus database is incorrect. At the bottom it, says internal virus dateabase is 26817673 and was released on 6/2/2007 then says the following
The date of the database is reported newer than the currant then cannot see anything else.
It is still grey and black both of them,

  VoG II 11:53 07 Feb 07

Have you checked that your PC has the correct time and date?

  johndrew 11:56 07 Feb 07

`.. it scans ever day but as both of them spyware ..`

You should only run one anti-virus on your PC, but your post is a bit confusing. What are you running and what is giving you problems?

  Totally-braindead 12:04 07 Feb 07

You are going have to explain a bit better. There are 2 AVG products you could be talking about.
Is it AVG antispyware OR AVG anti virus you are talking about?
And what is wrong exactly?

  Diemmess 12:05 07 Feb 07

Have you changed to (downloaded) AVG 7.5?
The earlier version loses its support around now.

  Jade 14 G 12:08 07 Feb 07

When l put pc on this morning it had just updated avg virus, looked down and both avg free and avg spyware were grey so got main screen up and have copied what it said

  Totally-braindead 12:11 07 Feb 07

Try a manual update on AVG anti virus. Regarding the AVG anti spyware do the same.

  Jade 14 G 12:15 07 Feb 07

just remembered that my pc clock was a hour slow last saturday l corrrected it, would that have anything to do with it but before saturday the clock was right as l use it a lot with classes on line

  Jade 14 G 12:17 07 Feb 07

Tried a manual update on avg virus before l came here for help.

  keef66 12:23 07 Feb 07

simplest thing might be to download both again (save them somewhere) disconnect from internet. Uninstall both existing ones, run Crapcleaner in case anything's left behind, reboot, then install the newly downloaded versions.

Clunky, but it should work.

  Totally-braindead 12:24 07 Feb 07

Try restarting your PC first as it might just be a glitch.

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