Help Please

  liloldlady 12:07 28 Feb 11

Hi, I have got two laptops side by side at the moment, on one of them (this one) I can get my E-page up correctly working. On the other laptop the whole e-bay page is weird looking, and not at all working on any of the links. The whole page is jumbled up and I cant access my e-bay messages etc. How can one lapton show e-bay as normal and the other one as not working correctly, I am totally confused. I am using Vista Home on this laptop and xp home on the other one.....By the way all other websites are looking normal on the xp laptop, it's just e-bay that is messed up.....Thanks

  northumbria61 12:14 28 Feb 11

Try closing the one that is "jumbled up" and connecting again using a different LINK.

  liloldlady 12:17 28 Feb 11

Hi, I have tried that, nothing changes. This has been a problem for a week now???

  Woolwell 12:32 28 Feb 11

Which browser are you using?
Try clearing the cache and then re-open ebay.

  lotvic 12:41 28 Feb 11

If by "jumbled up" you mean some text is overlapping or on top of other text etc. then it might be your Zoom view setting. Try reducing the Zoom (View > Zoom)

  liloldlady 13:14 28 Feb 11

Thankyou, but how do I find zoom?

  lotvic 13:42 28 Feb 11

Here are 4 different ways

1. Top Tool Bar > View > Zoom
2. Hold down Ctrl and press either the + or - on the keyboard
3. Hold down Ctrl and scroll mouse wheel
4. If using Internet Explorer. At Bottom Right where it says the % click on the down arrow for choice of different settings

  liloldlady 13:55 28 Feb 11

Hi, sorry that has not resolved the problem either.

  lotvic 14:50 28 Feb 11

When you have the Ebay page on screen, try clicking on the 'Refresh' button on the top toolbar to reload the current page.

Which Browser are you using? (Firefox, Internet Explorer?)

  liloldlady 16:52 28 Feb 11

Hi No that doesnt help either???

  lotvic 18:02 28 Feb 11

It would help if you told us which Browser you are using.

If Internet Explorer try clicking on Tools > Compatibility View

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