Help! Pc won't see my dvd drive

  shortcircuit 02:14 26 Oct 04

Have installed a new Gigabyte mobo and done a clean install. My bios sees my DVDRW and my DVD, but when in xp, it will not see it. Tried everything! swopped cables, slave /master ..power, to no avail. Anyone got any ideas?


  Cuddles 10:34 26 Oct 04

You say it is not seen but does it still work, does it show up in device manager and have you got enough drive letters assigned in control panel?

  shortcircuit 11:04 26 Oct 04

Yep. Its seen in bios but wont see it when windows starts.I swopped it for cd ron drive and that was ok. I assume the dvd rom drive hase give up the ghost! I swopped a few times and then suddenly it was there! Then when I restarted was gone! So gonna RMA it and see what happens. Problem only started since I swopped from a A7V8X to a GA7 400 pro.

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