Help on PC Case / Motherboard

  son of bof:) 14:54 22 Sep 03

Hi all,

I have recently bought a Shuttle SN45G, but after discovering there was a fault in the PSU which is a common occurence I have had to have a refund. So now I'm on the look out for a small-ish sized case but one which takes a normal ATX mobo or maybe a bit smaller..

I'm looking for a Case with around 2x5.25" expansion bays, and 2x3.5" bays, but which supports a motherboard which isnt too limited (like micro/miniATX which only have 1 pci slot).

Any help would be deeply appreciated, as I've been looking around for a while..

I already have my other things to go into the pc:
AMD XP2600+
40GB 7200RPM HDD
1024MB PC27000 DDR RAM
nVidia GeForce 4 Ti4600
SB Live 5.1



  pinka 15:01 22 Sep 03

what are your needs , do you want a case to mod or just the cheapest option ? is design / colour important ? but try here anyway click here

  son of bof:) 15:11 22 Sep 03

hi pinka,

I'm after a normal case, with a bit power, doesnt need to be modded or anything, price isnt an issue either.

Just a nice case to go with a good motherboard (which im also looking for)

Thanks for the help, keep it coming!


  pinka 15:16 22 Sep 03

click here these have some really sexy cases , not too bad on price either .

  son of bof:) 15:48 22 Sep 03

Thanks for the links pinka, I just checked out that site but none of them are really the type im looking for..

Ideally, I'm after a case with around 2x5.25" bays, 3x3.5" bays, 2xPCI, 1xAGP8X..



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