help, one pc conects via router ok, ie email, internet other pc only internet, ports blocked on it?

  SANAP 03 Nov 12

This has me foxed for some reason my second pc no longer allows me to send or receive emails but I can use chrome. ie8 etc to acess internet. In addition I can no longer run live update on NORTON SECURITY 2012, i get a " cannot access server" message, ie it assumes I cant access internet. All other items, laptop, apple tv, xbox, wii, work fine.

All I did was buy a new router in June of this year. When I run a port checker on 2nd pc eg port 80 it says time out. when i check a port like 11098 it says open.



  SANAP 04 Nov 12

OK for the benefit of others I resolved this issue myself. The problem was caused by the remnants of that Comodo firewall, free version. I now know that it is impossible to un-install it for an amateur. This could be construed as deliberate as a lot of the fixes suggest re-installing it to get the services that were lost back. Anyway what I had to do was enter the registry and delete every item that mentioned comodo. You can use find in registy as well to find bits. I also had to go to device manager, select show hidden devices and disabbled 2 entries for comodo drivers. I will delete these later. I got a lot of the information via google and the comodo forum.

The moral of the story be wary of installing freeware and take a lot of the reviews with a pinch of salt. And most of all ask google is it a nuisance.


  thuba 06 Nov 12
  SANAP 08 Nov 12



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