help with this noise?

hi, can anyone help me find out what makes the following sound, i just cant find it, it's more a low hum type of sound and it's the last noise to start after i turn my pc on, the vibration seems to the front of the case im thinking possibly hard drive, i have to and they just sort of rest in place.
when i turn the pc on the hard drives click, fans start up then this very low mmmmm starts up, i think it's always been there but my problem is the case rests on a metal cage under my desk, its annoying me!
various upgraded noisy bits:
ocz gamextreem 700w
akasa evo 120 am2
akasa 60 exhaust fan
nexus 90 case fan
8800gtx bog standard hsf
80 gb hitach deskstar
120 ""
tia adam
as i say it's the last thing that powers up.

  Stuartli 21:39 16 May 07

Try resting the computer case on a piece of carpet placed on top of the metal cage.

If the noise persists it could be one of the fans' housing being slightly loose or a fan blade/blades touching its housing.

  I am Spartacus 21:46 16 May 07

I'm getting a similar sort of sound at the moment. Mine's caused by the PSU sitting flush against the top of the case. If I push down a bit over where the PSU is then it stops. I'm still working out how to fix that.

  Technotiger 21:49 16 May 07

Hi, if your hard drives are just 'resting in place' you could probably eliminate the noise by fixing the drives with screws.

cheers guys, the psu has a big rubber washer to stop any contact with the case, pc is on a teatowel:), and the screws are in the hard drives but they just slot in and a nasty plastic clip sort of holds them in place, i can move them about 5 mm in any direction and i added the 160 gb hdd, which is longer than the 80gb.
is it ok to wedge them in?
i am sparticus, you can get these rubber rings from most pc supply shops and they come with a lot of bigger ones.
i have a pc in a thermeltake case and its very quiet but they cpu idles at 49c and the sli idle @ 74c and 91c without clocking, im letting a mate have it, i dont think it will last too long!
so i have got mine cool, im happy with the spec and temps i just wish i could get it quiet,
so should i wedge the hdds in you think?

  Technotiger 22:06 16 May 07

Yes, I would say it is ok to wedge the drives, anything to stop them vibrating, which does not do them any good at all, apart from the noise annoyance.

i'll try that then, they dont rattle, it just seems a cheap case, mind you it had onboard graphics and a super quiet asus hsf when i bought it, sadly the hsf wasnt quiet up to the dualcore, failing that i suppose i may try a new case, they're all just to big for my desk though!
thanks for the replies.

  laurie53 08:53 17 May 07

I had this problem, definitely hard drive mounting in my csae.

Try using fibre/rubber washers under the mounting screws, ideally both under the screw and between the HD and the mounting.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but, boy, it gets on your nerves after a while!

thanks laurie53 off to the shop now, i have checked all the fans must be ther drives

can anyone tell me i need to drop an earthing wire on my hard drives if i do the above?
thanks adam

  Technotiger 12:27 17 May 07

No earthing wire needed - the hard drive is earthed via the cable to the motherboard.

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