Help with new Wireless Network set up

  isca2 17:11 02 Dec 06

I am getting a cheap second hand laptop from work and want to connect to Internet. I have a desktop already connected to a USB Modem and Broadband. Neither machine has a network or wirelss card. I would like to get a wireless router and 2 USB wireless receivers for the two computers so I can get wirelss connectivity on both. Can anyone reccommend a good Router and USB devices so that I can do this. I am a novice when it comes to Wireless ! Thanks.

  Technotiger 18:00 02 Dec 06

Hi, I use and can thoroughly recommend the Safecom ADSL Modem Router, easy to setup even for a novice. Connect the Router to a PCI Ethernet Card in main PC. Then Safecom Wireless LAN Cardbus cards for Laptops - one each laptop.

click here

Used this, and still using it, on my first home network system.

  isca2 20:14 03 Dec 06


  Woolwell 20:32 03 Dec 06

I've used D-Link and Belkin modem/routers and USB receivers. Both were relatively easy to set up. I found the D-Link was better for the receiver but had poorer security (that may be down to me!).

You may be better off asking this in the networking forum.

  woodchip 20:45 03 Dec 06

If you use a Wireless Modem\Router you do not need to network them. You can have one or both on to access the Net at the same time. But you need to setup the Modem\Router connected first to one of the computer by Ethernet Wire, before you go wireless and after you get them going Wireless you then Encrypt the Wireless connection

  isca2 19:24 04 Dec 06

Thanks guys. Being ignorant, must I connect the router to the pc via an ethernet connection. I do not have a ethernet card and don't think I have a free PCI slot ! The router does not work via USB alone does it ?

  Technotiger 19:45 04 Dec 06

Normal connection is by cable to pci ethernet card, usb adapters can be used to connect other pc's/laptops. I have had a look on Google, cannot see any actual USB Routers, all mention connection via ethernet card/cable.

  isca2 20:47 04 Dec 06

Thanks for responses

  Spark6 21:06 04 Dec 06

I've just read your post and noted that your existing machine is 'already connected to a USB modem and Broadband'.

Forgive me if I'm wrong but surely there is a second connection to the machine, i.e. three connections to your modem.

  isca2 12:45 05 Dec 06

Sorry, do not understand your point !

  Spark6 15:43 05 Dec 06

'Tis me should be sorry, my post serves to confirm my deteriorating memory. Before I installed a Belkin wireless router I was using a BT Voyager 100 USB ADSL modem. From memory I thought there had been an ethernet connection, as well as USB, from the modem to the machine.

I know I had to have the Bios flashed, to enable the USB, to be able to uprate my internet connection to broadband. In other words, the 'old' machine was already equipped for the internet.

I trust you have solved your problem despite my confusing question!!!

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