Help with new 'comp'

I have just upgraded m'board and processor. I have kept the same hardrive etc. Problem is I have done a frsh windows install and my harddrive only says 111gb when it is 120 and my processor says 1.6ghz when it is 2.6ghz. Why is this and what can i do about it please? thanks

  bremner 20:24 22 Sep 05

The hDD is about right 120GB will show as about 111GB its to do with manufacturers claiming 1000bytes is a kilobyte when in reality it is 1024bytes.

The processor - what processor is it.If it is an Athlon 2600+ there are three versions varying from 1.9GHz to 2.1Ghz depending on the model.

  bremner 20:26 22 Sep 05

If it is an Athlon then this table will help to sort out the FSB speed and multiplier - which you need to set in the BIOS click here(1224)

  bremner 20:27 22 Sep 05

http: //,/?St=4,E=0000000000134591752,K=7440,Sxi=2,Case=obj(1224)

remove the spaces each side of the // and paste into address bar

  dan11 20:28 22 Sep 05

Did you manage to sort the problem? click here

Thankyou dan11 i am actually using the new process etc now, i now have this new prob!!

it is an amd 2600 sempron processor.

  dan11 20:43 22 Sep 05

Yes that maplin bundle includes the 754 pin sempron 2600.

This cpu does run at 1.6Ghz. So it is set up correctley.

Thats bleeding less than my old one!! That was running at 1.8 Ghz. Can I clock it up a bit?

  dan11 20:52 22 Sep 05

Spec's for that cpu. click here

I wont start a new thread but whenever I reboot i keep getting a virus alert saying norton antivurus has detected a virus on your computer

object name:- C\windows\system32\hwclock.exe

virus name:- backdoor trojan

action taken:- unable to remove virus.

What do I do please.

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