Help needed with windows installation

  danny0001uk 15:01 23 Jul 03

Hi i have a partitioned hard drive can i install xp on on partition and still keep the data i have in the other partition. also will i have to reinstall software like office.


Daniel Evans

also can i just backup my driver files to disk then when i install xp point the driver installtion to the folder where the drivers are.

  jimv7 15:16 23 Jul 03

Yes,to both, xp will ask which partition to load on and only format that partition.

Same with your drivers, if they are all on 1 disk, xp will search for them.

  danny0001uk 15:20 23 Jul 03

will i have to reinstall all my software again.
also does anyone know the folder where all my drivers are stored


  mrdsgs 16:17 23 Jul 03

you will need to reinstall everything to work in xp UNLESS you copy over your current installation.

it depends what os you are currently using.

drivers in w2000 are mainly in \winnt\system32\drivers


  woodchip 16:35 23 Jul 03

Drivers are all over the place and XP will be different drivers to 98 or ME 2000 should work. you can get a program that collects all drivers int one folder file program name is you have to unzip then run. If you cannot find the file send your e-mail through the little envelope by my nickname saying what its for. And will e-mail it you

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