Help needed for skype with external speakers

  julius44 10:38 28 Dec 09

Hello there, and good morning...ive just been helping my friend set up her skype account over the fone, everything seems to work ok, apart from the skype test call, as she cannot hear her voice from the test call and when i rang her i cant hear her, but she could hear my voice . She has external speakers set up for her desktop, but no microphone, but I have external speakers on my desktop, and i ring people WITHOUT a microphone....and sound seems to be clear, and we hear each other and i also have a laptop that i use, which only has inbuilt internal speakers with no mic, and again sound is crystal can i set it up for her without need for a mic please.....we've tried it from tools...options, audio settings, but still no luck. Any suggestions please????

  Toneman 11:26 28 Dec 09

How does your's work without a microphone, would have thought one was essential.

  julius44 11:49 28 Dec 09

This is what i use.......price seems to have gone up a lot, as i got it from the kikatek website for £33.82 back in April 2008, it works fantastically!!!, but i'd never purcahse it at the prices that its goin for now!!!

click here

Now the price is anything btw £60-£90!!!!

  Woolwell 11:50 28 Dec 09

It cannot work without a microphone. Is your's built in to a webcam. Most laptops have a built in mic.

  Woolwell 11:52 28 Dec 09

Posts crossed. Your set up includes a mic.

  julius44 12:11 28 Dec 09

oh, i forgot to mention when i'm using skype....i have this set up, and it comes on immediately.....

click here

So if my sound is NOT coming out through my external speakers,...through which of the devices does it come through???? Becos i live in a studio flat all on 1 floor.....and if i'm speaking via skype i can be in the kitchen, 9 feet from my pc and my friends can hear me and vice i speak to them without a headset....even though my logitech device has a headset....its obsolete, and I dont use it at all.....I know for a fact that my skype sound comes through the speakers.....becos both speakers are set around my living room.

  Woolwell 13:15 28 Dec 09

Your receiving sound comes through the speakers as does mine but to transmit/speak to the other person you must have a microphone/speakerphone to be able to be heard at the other end. You have this set up. Your friend doesn't appear to have a microphone at all either standalone or part of a webcam.

  Woolwell 13:19 28 Dec 09

Does your friend have a webcam? It may be that she needs to enable the mic part of that (if it has one).

  The Kestrel 13:24 28 Dec 09

This is what I use to 'phone my son in Australia click here . The sound is excellent and the phone simply plugs into a USB socket.

  Technotiger 15:35 28 Dec 09

You do have a microphone, it is built-in to your webcam.

Your friend also will most definitely need a microphone.

  Technotiger 17:58 28 Dec 09

Quite, if you don't want the sound to come from your speakers, use a head-set!

I have been using Skype for years!

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