Help needed for a simpleton... Belkin Route/Virgin

  technochallenged 14:58 27 Feb 08

Can anyone help me?

I think of myself as having more intelligence than your average house fly but i'm hoping to be proved wrong by an incredibly simple solution that mkes me look extrememly stupid but solves my wireless problem.


we have just had Virgin Media installed on the 4 for 40 offer. This therefore gives us our broadbnd connection fixed off an ethernet cable.

This works fine but i want to install a wireless network. I have the Belkin ASDL Modem with High Speed Mode Wireless G Router. The onl;y inlet for the internet is a DSL line, and then ther Ethernet ports to send the signal out to the Comps on fixed connections.

Now i guess my key quesions are..

1. Is my problem that my router is also a modem?
2. Is there a wire that is one side Ethernet (for my virgin box) and one side DSL to plug into router (stupid i know but will swallow pride and check).
3. Am i completely off my rocker and missing the obvious???

Help plese, its driving me mad.

Many thnks,


  Aargh 15:56 27 Feb 08

cable router required - your router is for dsl(phone) lines only

  Kemistri 16:21 27 Feb 08

And there you have the incredibly simple and obvious answer that you were seeking!

  technochallenged 17:05 27 Feb 08


  farfromit 10:37 28 Feb 08

If its any help , I have just added a D-Link 524 to our VM connection , worked straight out of the box.

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