Help needed for really old game!

  Plastic Dracula 15:17 19 Nov 04

Ok, this might sound a bit weird, perhaps sad even.
I have just purchased Sensible Soccer for the princely sum of £1 from a local charity shop.
I have installed it from the floppy disk but when I try and run the program it tells me I need at least 586k of RAM. I have 128Mb of RAM.
Why does it not work? Is there any way I can get it to work or is the game just freaked out cos it is so old?
Please help so I can relive my youth!

  ACOLYTE 15:19 19 Nov 04

Think it means dos high ram not system ram,think its a dos game.

  Plastic Dracula 15:23 19 Nov 04

I tried running it thru the MS DOS prompt on the Start menu but got same thing.

  VoG II 15:27 19 Nov 04

I think you need click here

  Plastic Dracula 15:40 19 Nov 04

I'm no computer whizz but that looks pretty complicated to run an 11 year old game.
There looks to be a lot of things I can get wrong there as well.

  Plastic Dracula 16:04 19 Nov 04

Did I mention I am running Windows ME? Dunno if that makes a difference?
Anyway, when I use notepad to open C:\config.sys there is nothing there. Is that right?

  ventanas 16:53 19 Nov 04

Probably, but you are going to have to configure this file and probably autoexec.bat as well and decide what goes into extended; expanded and conventional memory (I think). Its years since I messed with this sort of thing. Dos games usually came with a list of settings for doing this. Anyone know if its still possible to get hold of a copy of memmaker?

  VoG II 16:56 19 Nov 04
  ventanas 17:05 19 Nov 04

Well, well, well. This is a trip down memory lane. No pun intended.

Anyway to use memmaker with me I think it will be necessary to boot with a floppy, as there is no restart in dos option.

  TonyG 17:16 19 Nov 04

You could also have a look here click here

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