Help needed re clean install

  Space Aware 23:07 06 Sep 06

I recently formatted and done a clean install of Windows Xp Pro.

But now when I turn on the pc i have to choose which os to open, either
1: Windows xp pro or
2: Windows

If I choose 1 then windows xp starts and everything is fine, however, if I choose 2 (Windows) then I get the c prompt.
Any ideas how to get rid of htis?
Many Thanx

  woodchip 23:15 06 Sep 06

It did not Format the Drive, You just loaded another copy of XP. If you format it clears every thing from the drive

  woodchip 23:17 06 Sep 06

If you want a Clean install, you need to use something like Killdisk The free version
click here

  User-312386 23:18 06 Sep 06

Put the XP disc in and when it gives the option to format the HDD do so, but not a quick format

  Space Aware 23:23 06 Sep 06

Woodchip. Many thanx, I've dl the floppy version.

So, I restart the pc press f8 and boot from floppy?

  Space Aware 23:40 06 Sep 06

But if there is only a c prompt, does that mean there are 2 os on the pc? Cant find the other one? Is there any way of deleting it?
Thanx again

  terryf 02:29 07 Sep 06

I suspect that deleting the other copy will involve registry editing and also going into safe mode as an administrator and you might end up deleting something that shouldn't be. Take the easy but time-consuming way out and do a re-install. You ought to be able to boot from your CD, the floppy way works but is slower and you still have to use the cd eventually.

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