Help needed please - Cannot Install New Hard Drive

  loftyone45 23:03 22 Oct 04

I wish to install a new 250g hard drive to my desktop pc. When I try to format it, the formatting gets to 53% and then a message comes up stating ' failed to create partition '
My system is as follows:-
1300 mhz P4 ( one of the original ) 423 pin socket. 128mb rambus memory. Intel desktop mother board D850GB. There is a SATA plugged into card with silicon image SIL3112 SATA link controller. The pc was purchased Feb 2001.
The questions are :- How do I format and configure the hard drive successfully? Is the system I have unable to carry a large capacity h/d such as the one I am attempting to install? If so, what is the largest h/d capacity this pc could comfortable take?
The h/d I am trying to install is a Hitachi Deskstar 250gb
Any help appreciated before I pull what remains of my hair, out of my scalp.

  3rdday 23:22 22 Oct 04

Which version of Windows are you using? I think there is a maximum partition size of 132Gb with Me and Windows XP needs Service Pack 1 to address partitions larger than this also. Are you using NTFS or FAT32? I think there is also a limit with FAT32.

  loftyone45 23:49 22 Oct 04

My O/S is Windows Server 2003 and I am using NTFS. Thanks for quick response.

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