help needed please

  broggs 11:45 18 Apr 03

I've just tried to update my windows me to 2000 professional.All went well until the forth reboot in the setup process(I think after it had converted all the files etc to ntfs).
It now stops in the middle of the boot up process at the Verifying DMI Pool Data part with the curser blinking away at the bottom of the screen.

Any ideas would be appreciated as I've a lot of files on my pc which I dont want to lose If I have to format the disc and start from scratch.

  -pops- 12:02 18 Apr 03

You may get a better response if your title gave an idea of the problem. A lot of people (who may well have the answer) are going to miss your thread entirely because it is vague.

Quote from top of page "Please ensure that your thread title accurately describes your subject"

Please don't think I am "getting at you", it really does help.


  broggs 12:10 18 Apr 03

thanks Brian,I'll do that.

  VoG™ 12:14 18 Apr 03

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