Help needed with multiple monitor setup

  BeesFan 10:52 28 May 03

Ive just bought a second flat panel and connected it up to my geforce4- Ti4200

When my computer starts, both screens show identical information until the desktop starts at which point the VGA input monitor goes black

Im using the Nvidia 40.72 drivers and cant actually find the control that enables multi-monitor. There is a section which says 'enable window spanning across monitors' which is ticked but greyed out

Please please help - if Ive missed the obvious please feel free to chuckle before posting an answer! LOL

  AndySD 11:04 28 May 03

In the section which says 'enable window spanning across monitors' which is ticked but greyed out ... click on the Second Monitor in the image then span the desktop...or are you using Windows 2000?

  BeesFan 11:21 28 May 03

Yes - Im using Windows 2000 pro

  AndySD 11:31 28 May 03

I may be wrong but I seem to recall you could only use two monitors on Win2k if they both ran at the same resolution.

I will need to check.

  BeesFan 11:35 28 May 03


Both the monitors are identical Dell 1900FPs running at 1280 x 1024 @60Hz

  AndySD 11:56 28 May 03

Try downloading newer drivers click here then Go Add/Remove Programs and remove the old drivers before you install the new ones.

  BeesFan 11:58 28 May 03

You must have read my mind - downloading version 44.03 drivers now

  BeesFan 13:08 28 May 03

God this is so frustrating!!!

The latest drivers do have new features.....

I have ticked the box which says 'enable separate outputs from same video card to be treated as separate display devices'.This enables 'Dualview' which has its own sub menu.

I can now choose analogue or digital outputs but this just means windows switches from left to right monitors. The menu that allows you to choose window spanning and which display device is primary/secondary is still greyed out

I thought I was tech literate enough to sort out most problems but this is driving me nuts!

  AndySD 14:54 28 May 03

Start, click Help, click the Index tab, type monitors, and then double-click the "Multiple Monitors" topic.

But first make sure that the Second monitor is in Control Panel/System/Device Manager and that the drivers are loaded.

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