Help needed with Excel IF function

  Legolas 13:53 06 Dec 04

I want to set up an if function to do the following in Excel

row E2 will always be either Y or N row F2 will always be the opposite of the value in row E2

can I set up an IF statement so that when I input a Y in row E2 an N will automatically appear in row F2 and vice versa.

  VoG II 13:58 06 Dec 04

No, because each cell can only contain a value or a formula. If you enter a Y or N in the cell you will be overwriting the formula.

  Legolas 14:02 06 Dec 04

Thanks VoG

So there is no way this can be done.

  VoG II 14:05 06 Dec 04

Not without having a third cell, say A1, in which you enter the value Y or N. Then in E2 you would have the formula


and in F2

=IF(E2="N", "Y", "N")

  Legolas 14:23 06 Dec 04

Thanks again VoG™

I am a bit thick with excel could you explain in more detail? the function box what do I input in each field

  VoG II 14:28 06 Dec 04

Click in E2. In the formula box type


and press the Enter key.

Click in F2 and in the formula box type

=IF(E2="N", "Y", "N")

and press Enter.

  Legolas 16:18 06 Dec 04

Excellent VoG™ It works a treat and by dragging it down the column it will work as far down the column as I need it.

Hail to the Excel King :-)

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